Metallica: Fan Can 5

Metallica: Fan Can 5 2006

Parking Lot, Oakland, CA 2003 / Re-Launch Party, San Rafael, CA 2002 / The Filmore, San Francisco 2003 / Kimo's, San Francisco 2002

Treachery Rides the Range

Treachery Rides the Range 1936

The Indians need the Buffalo to survive and the Government has promised to keep the herds free from hunters. But Carter, of Carter and Barton, just signed a big contract for furs and Buffalo meat so they want the herds. The only way they can get them is to rile the Indians up enough to go on the warpath and break the treaty. After the trouble starts, the Indians get the Colonel's daughter and hold her prisoner. Written by Tony Fontana

Nightwish: Live at RMJ 2003

Nightwish: Live at RMJ 2003 2003

RMJ Festival, Rauma, Finland (2003-06-19) 1) The Kinslayer [00:45] 2) Ever Dream [04:50] 3) The Pharaoh Sails to Orion (feat. Tapio Wilska) [10:05] 4) She Is My Sin [16:45] 5) Sleeping Sun [21:30] 6) Bless the Child [26:05] 7) Wishmaster (Outro Metallica - Enter Sandman) [32:20] 8) Over the Hills and Far Away [37:05]

Trivium: Live at Rock am Ring

Trivium: Live at Rock am Ring 2006

1. Like Light to the Flies 2. Rain 3. Suffocating Sight 4. Drowned and Torn Asunder 5. Detonation 6. A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation 7. Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr

Twisted Sister: Double Live - Northstage 82 & Ny Steel 01

Twisted Sister: Double Live - Northstage 82 & Ny Steel 01 2011

This two disc DVD set couples Twisted Sister live shows from the start of their recording career in 1982 and the beginning of their reunion career in 2001. The show from the North Stage Theater in Long Island in 1982 was the same year as the release of their debut album Under The Blade. It features many of the songs from that record along with songs that have not been performed since Twisted Sister left the club scene. .Following the terrible events of September 11, 2001, Twisted Sister's classic line-up reunited to headline the New York Steel Benefit Show at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City on November 28 that year. Organized by radio & television personality Eddie Trunk, the concert was a fundraiser for the families of New York Police Officers and Fire Fighters who had lost their lives in the attack on the World Trade Center. The reaction to Twisted Sister's set was overwhelming and led directly to the ongoing existence of the band today.

Twisted Sister: Stay Hungry Tour

Twisted Sister: Stay Hungry Tour 1984

Twisted Sister Stay Hungry Tour '84. Twisted Sister Stay Hungry Tour 84 and videos This is Twisted Sister when they ruled the world in 84 on the Stay Hungry Tour with added bonus videos. Track list: 1. Stay Hungry Live 2. The Kids are Back 3. I Wanna Rock 4. Under the Blade 5. Nature of the Beast 6. You Can't Stop Rock n' Roll 7. The Price 8. Stay Hungry 9. Burn in Hell 10. S.M.F. Come Out and Play videos: 1. We're Not Gonna Take It 2. Leader of the Pack 3. I Wanna Rock 4. Be Chrruel to Your School

Ke$ha - Live Rock in Rio

Ke$ha - Live Rock in Rio

Ke$ha came ready to show the beautiful people of Brazil a sleazy good time as she brought her crude, rude, raunchy, and rambunctious live show to last night’s (September 29) Rock In Rio 2011.

Shinedown: Madness from Washington State

Shinedown: Madness from Washington State 2011

Somewhere In The Stratosphere: Madness Live from Washington State (Electric) is a full electric live set from platinum recording group Shinedown. Shinedown's live performances give an unsparing look into the soul and psyche amidst a fierce musical attack that, even in its quieter moments, vibrate with the passion, energy and focus of a band with high-minded ideals and limitless ambitions.

Cypress Hill - Still Smokin'

Cypress Hill - Still Smokin' 2001

Still Smokin' is a comprehensive collection of promos from Hip-Hop's "vatos locos", Cypress Hill, spanning the whole of their 10-year, seven-album career. Following a brace of songs recorded live at San Francisco's Fillmore Theatre, this selection settles into a tried and tested promo formula for half of its running time, using ghetto-real grainy footage of the moody trio stalking inner city streets. "When the Ship goes Down" branches out into conceptual territory with a three-minute epic concerning internecine gang warfare that breaks up the band's performance. On "Dr Greenthumb" they play on their Furry Freak Brothers of rap stereotype in the setting of a green-fingered General Hospital. "(Rock) Superstar" sees a Cypress fan winning a Willy Wonka-style ride through their Hall of Mirrors, where he is transformed into a bona fide, gold lame-wearing rock star. Set in a derelict warehouse, the hardcore romp of "Can't Get the Best of Me" is reminiscent of Fight Club's basement brawls.

Culture Club - Live in Sydney

Culture Club - Live in Sydney 2006

Culture Club was one of the most successful British acts of the eighties. With major hit singles on both sides of the Atlantic, they had album sales in the millions across the globe. In 1984, fresh from winning Best New Act at the Grammys® and Best British Act at the Brits, and with their album "Colour By Numbers" going platinum around the world and hitting No.1 in over 50 countries, they took their live show to Australia for the first time. This concert was shot in Sydney by Channel 9 TV in front of a wildly enthusiastic sell-out audience, and perfectly captures the sheer excitement the group generated at their live shows.

Iron Maiden: Beast Over Hammersmith

Iron Maiden: Beast Over Hammersmith 2002

Beast over Hammersmith is a live album by the British Heavy metal band Iron Maiden, released on 4 November 2002. Recorded 20 years previously, during The Beast On The Road tour at the Hammersmith Odeon, the footage was specially co-produced and mixed by Steve Harris and Doug Hall to be a part of the Eddie's Archive box set.[1] Even though this album contains material from The Number of the Beast, it was actually recorded two days prior to its release[2] (although Run to the Hills had already been released as a single).[3] An abridged video version of the concert is included on disc 1 of The Early Days DVD. Intended to be released on VHS around the time of its recording, the band withheld the footage as they were unhappy with its visual quality due to lighting difficulties during the show.[4]

Amorphis: Live at Provinssirock

Amorphis: Live at Provinssirock 2006

1. Leaves Scar 2. House of Sleep 3. Against Widows 4. In the Beginning 5. Divinity 6. Under a Soil and Black Stone 7. Perkele (The God of Fire) 8. The Smoke 9. Sign From the North Side 10. My Kantele 11. Alone

Salt of the Earth: A Bigger Bang Tour Documentary

Salt of the Earth: A Bigger Bang Tour Documentary 2007

"Salt of the Earth: A Bigger Bang Tour Documentary" Bonus songs "Get Up, Stand Up" "Mr. Pitiful" Bonus features "If It Ain't Got That Swing" featuring Charlie Watts "Hurricane" featuring Keith Richards "Outlets of Emotion" featuring Ron Wood "Busking" featuring Mick Jagger

The Biggest Bang: Rest Of The World

The Biggest Bang: Rest Of The World 2007

Saitama Super Arena, Saitama, Japan - 2 April 2006 Opening (intro) "Let's Spend the Night Together" Sapporo (segue) "Rain Fall Down" Tokyo Dome (segue) "Rough Justice" Cherry Blossoms (segue) Shanghai Grand Stage, Shanghai, China - 8 April 2006 Opening (intro) "Bitch" "Midnight Rambler" "Gimme Shelter" "This Place Is Empty" That's What I Do (segue) "It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (but I Like It)" China, A Slow Process (segue) River Plate Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina - 21 February and/or 23, 2006 Opening (intro) "Worried About You" Football Chant (segue) "Happy" "Miss You" Ronnie & Audience (segue) "Paint It Black" "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" Featurettes Bonnie Raitt featurette "Shine a Light" Eddie Vedder featurette "Wild Horses" Dave Matthews featurette "Let It Bleed" Duets "Shine a Light" featuring Bonnie Raitt "Wild Horses" featuring Eddie Vedder "Let It Bleed" featuring Dave Matthews "Wild Horses" featuring Cui Jian

The Biggest Bang:  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Biggest Bang: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2007

Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 18 February 2006 Opening (intro) "Jumpin' Jack Flash" "It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (but I Like It)" "You Got Me Rocking" "Wild Horses" "Rain Fall Down" "Midnight Rambler" "The Night Time (Is The Right Time)" "Happy" "Miss You" "Rough Justice" "Get Off of My Cloud" "Honky Tonk Women" "Start Me Up" "Brown Sugar" "You Can't Always Get What You Want" "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" Bonus Feature: Rio de Janeiro documentary

Cheap Trick: Silver

Cheap Trick: Silver 2001

Filmed in the late summer of 1999, Cheap Trick: Silver is a 25th anniversary celebration of the Rockford, Illinois, band famous for marrying British Invasion-era pop hooks with the guitar crunch of the Who's Quadrophenia period. Shot on a sealed-off, Rockford street, the concert is an electrifying overview of high points from the group's discography. The songs plucked from each of their albums reveal a remarkable power-pop consistency over the long haul, despite the band's lengthy periods of commercial rejection and bare survival. Visibly thrilled, Cheap Trick soar here through monster hits ("I Want You to Want Me," "Dream Police") and milk every drop of emotion from masterful ballads ("I Can't Take It"). While stellar guests include Slash and Billy Corgan, it's the appearances by less famous folk (the Rockford Symphony Orchestra, a few offspring of guitarist Rick Nielsen and singer Robin Zander) that movingly underscore the populist glories of this American band.