Reckless 2013

Centers on a resourceful problem solver who, when his wife is unjustly imprisoned during a political uprising overseas, resorts to entering a world of political intrigue, dangerous alliances and high emotional stakes in order to get her out.

First Day

First Day 2017

First Day, tells a story about the fears associated with the transition between primary school and high school - but in Hannah's case, the stakes are even higher: this year, she will be attending school for the first time as a girl.

Angel Voices

Angel Voices 1989

It is the summer of 1963: the year of the Beatles and wild dances like the Hully Gully. Tommy Bray's choirboys set off on their annual trip to Blackpool, but Tommy Bray fears that his beloved choir may not survive the temptations of the time.

Sagan om Siv

Sagan om Siv 1974

About a woman and her boring life, based on haiku poems by Sonja Åkesson.

La nuit du meurtre

La nuit du meurtre 2004

On a cold fall morning, Nathalie Castellane is found murdered near a swamp. The night before she was at the restaurant with Louis and Hélène, her rich parents, and Eric, her brother. There she had told them about her intention to marry Philippe Laclos, the manager of the Castellane group. When leaving the restaurant, Nathalie had looked very worried... After being notified of Nathalie's death, all the protagonists sink into silence. Which will not help police inspector Tourneur to establish the truth...

Mask of Marcella

Mask of Marcella 1972

A private investigator who charges $1 million per case is hired to find the daughter of a recently deceased tycoon.

Zombies and Cheerleaders

Zombies and Cheerleaders 2012

Zed moves to a new school where a cheerleader falls in love with him - but the thing is, Zed is a zombie and needs to learn how to control himself to keep this relationship going.


Footsteps 1972

A football coach is hired by a small college to shape up its football team, and he finds himself in trouble with local gamblers who don't want the team to improve.

Den byxlöse äventyraren

Den byxlöse äventyraren 1971

Lasse-Maja's (actually Lars Molin's) peculiar fate and adventure from his younger years until 1813, when he was sentenced to life imprisonment on Karlstens fortress.

Self Catering

Self Catering 1994

Alan Bleasdale's star-studded comedy/drama about the lives of five plane crash survivors stranded together on a deserted island. Starring Jane Horrocks, John Gordon Sinclair, Jennifer Ehle, Noreen Kershaw and Andrew Schofield. When a plane crashes, five very different survivors find themselves trapped together on an apparently deserted, idyllic island. Everyone else has been killed except for the five survivors that emerge from the wreckage, one unconscious. One of these people, a dedicated film-lover, makes light of their perilous situation by comparing it to countless movie plots. This leads the survivors to start their lives afresh, taking on the names and personalities of famous movie stars to cope in their interactions with each other, which leads to many hilarious and erotic encounters.

W.S.H.: The Myth of the Urban Myth

W.S.H.: The Myth of the Urban Myth 1994

A folklorist researching an 'urban legend' becomes caught up in his task. The film tells its fictional story in documentary style, featuring interviews with real folklore scholars.

Visit From a Dead Man

Visit From a Dead Man 1975

Sally Carter finds escape in the arms of a handsome attorney who arranges her husband's death. It soon becomes apparent that her husband has a life beyond death.

Only a Scream Away

Only a Scream Away 1974

Newlyweds Samantha and Robert Miller emerge from the church to the sound of cheers. However, the happy scene is disturbed by a cruel practical joke, someone throws a paint-bomb at the bride. Later, upon returning from their honeymoon the couple discover the smashed remnants of their wedding cake and a mysterious gift -- one soiled glove. Could it be a warning? Does someone hold a grudge against the couple?