Joseph Fielding Smith: The Modern Prophets

Joseph Fielding Smith: The Modern Prophets 2003

Born the son of a prophet in 1876, Joseph Fielding Smith's life spanned one of the most dynamic times in the history of the world. While his devoted father and mother were exiled to Hawaii, seven-year-old Joseph was left alone for several years to mature. A historian for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at age 25, Joseph defended the faith as a scholar and prolific writer over the next 70 years. Through his lifelong commitment as theologian, apostle, and Prophet of God, he helped the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints grow to be a worldwide religion.

Motörhead: Motörhead Live - Everything Louder Than Everyone Else

Motörhead: Motörhead Live - Everything Louder Than Everyone Else 1991

Filmed Live at the Deutsches Museum in Munich, Germany on 11 March 1991. Disc 1 01. Iron Fist 04:08 02. Stay Clean 02:48 03. On Your Feet Or On Your Knees 03:20 04. Over Your Shoulder 03:45 05. Civil War 03:29 06. Burner 03:23 07. Metropolis 04:00 08. Nothing Up My Sleeve 03:41 09. I'm So Bad, Baby I Don't Care 03:21 10. The Chase Is Better Than The Catch 05:28 11. Take The Blame 04:20 12. No Class 03:22 13. Overnight Sensation 04:38 14. Sacrifice 03:40 Disc 2 01. Born To Raise Hell 05:41 02. Lost In The Ozone 03:43 03. The One To Sing The Blues 03:25 04. Capricorn 04:58 05. Love For Sale 05:04 06. Orgasmatron 06:36 07. Going To Brazil 02:52 08. Killed By Death 06:27 09. Bomber 05:50 10. Ace Of Spades 04:49 11. Overkill 07:34

Diary of a Sergeant

Diary of a Sergeant 1945

Harold Russell, an American soldier who lost his hands in a training accident, tells the story of his medical rehabilitation at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC, how he and his fellow amputees at the hospital at first despaired and then found new hope in the prostheses and training available to amputees through the Army's medical corps. Russell learns to wear and to operate the hooks which replace his hands and becomes competent to perform many tasks he had once thought no longer possible. Discharged from the Army, he is welcomed into Boston College by college president William J. Murphy, S.J.

Gordon B. Hinckley: A Giant Among Men

Gordon B. Hinckley: A Giant Among Men 2015

This is the first film to dramatize how President Hinckley was prepared by the Lord from his youth. From boyhood lessons, to tender moments with his mother in their library, to overcoming rejection in the mission field, you will feel the warmth that endeared him to so many later in life. In the railroad yard, behind a typewriter, and hand-in-hand with Marjorie, the love of his life, Gordon B. Hinckley grew to become a giant among men.

The Collective

The Collective 2004

The Collective is a group of filmmakers photographers and mountain bikers - Drawing on the experience expertise and creative energy of every member of the team - The Collective has created a film that portrays the newest cutting edge images of the freeride progression while exploring the thoughts and personalities of the riders leading that progression

911 and the British Broadcasting Conspiracy

911 and the British Broadcasting Conspiracy 2007

‘911 and the British Broadcasting Conspiracy’ features ex-MI5 officer David Shayler and was produced by Adrian Connock, who was also responsible for the ‘Mind the Gap’ documentary that exposed the false flag terrorist attacks of 7/7/05. Special attention has been paid to the BBC’s ‘Conspiracy Files’ programme which aired on BBC 2, February 18th 2007 and omitted hardcore evidence proving 9/11 was an inside job. ‘911 and the British Broadcasting Conspiracy’ demolishes the weak attempt by the BBC to cover up the truth behind 9/11 and exposes their foreknowledge of the collapse of WTC building 7, when they reported the event 20 minutes before the building came down.

The Ring Cycle: Siegfried

The Ring Cycle: Siegfried 1992

SECOND DAY OF THE RING CYCLE. Alberich's brother Mime raises the orphan Siegfried, hoping that Siegfried will kill Fafner and enable Mime to gain the ring. Mime attempts unsuccessfully to reforge the Nothung. Fulfilling prophecy, Siegfried reforges the sword himself and kills Fafner, who has the form of a dragon. When he accidentally tastes the dragon's blood spilt on his hands, Siegfried understands the song of a woodbird, who instructs him to take the Ring from Fafner. Reading Mime's thoughts of betrayal, Siegfried kills the dwarf as well. The woodbird also informs Siegfried of a mysterious woman asleep in the midst of fire, and Siegfried sets off to find her. After defeating a disguised Wotan and breaking his spear, Siegfried successfully awakes Brünnhilde, and the two fall in love. Filmed at the Bayreuth Festspielhaus in June & July 1992.

Paul is Live in Concert on The New World Tour

Paul is Live in Concert on The New World Tour 1994

Paul Is Live is a live album by Paul McCartney, released in 1993 during his New World Tour in support of the album Off the Ground. Its cover is often used as a counter-argument to the Paul is dead conspiracy theory.

Jerusalem Cuts

Jerusalem Cuts 2008

As part of a season marking the 60th anniversary of the founding of Israel, Liran Atzmor's film documents a battle that took place in the Old City of Jerusalem in 1948 from three points of view - photojournalist John Philips, whose pictures for Life magazine depicted the Jews being evacuated from the Old City; Jack Padwa, the producer of a feature film which tells the story from a Jewish British perspective; and photographer Ali Zaarour, who tells the story from the Palestinian viewpoint. (Storyville)

Peppa Pig: Potato City

Peppa Pig: Potato City 2011

Discover what Blueberry Muffin's new obsession is and learn the Berry Bitty Buggy. Episodes included: 1. Potato City, 2. Whistling, 3. Doctor Hamster's Tortoise, 4. Grandpa Pig's Computer, 5. Hospital, 6. Spring, 7. Miss Rabbit's Helicopter, 8. Baby Alexander, 9. Grampy Rabbit's Lighthouse, and 10. Miss Rabbit's Day Off

Around the Big Curves

Around the Big Curves 1899

"This is taken from the front end of a locomotive following an express train at high speed around the high curves, from the 104th to 116 Street station. During the trip, Grant's Tomb, Columbia College buildings, the new Cathedral of St. John The Divine, and Morningside Park, as well as a portion of the north end of Central Park are visible."