Mirage 1987

Photographer and adventurer Tong (Yu Rong-Guang) spots a mirage of a beautiful woman while on a mission and is obsessed by the beauty of her. Heading into Mongolia with best friend (Tsui Siu-Ming), the discovery of the woman and her true nature is anything but beautiful however as she's the leader of a gang of desert bandits.

Four Dragons

Four Dragons 2008

When 19th-century Chinese immigrants find themselves fighting against a powerful lord and a vengeful gang with secretive aims, they summon the ancient power of Wushu to wage an epic battle of good vs. evil. Under the leadership of Tin Sok, the four "dragons" -- Dragon (Robin Ho), Tiger (David Bao), Ace (Kuan Fei Jun) and Blaze (Michael Chinn) -- set out to restore the balance of justice. C.L. Hor directs Malaysia's first martial arts offering.

Eighth Wonder of Kung Fu

Eighth Wonder of Kung Fu 1979

A masterful kung fu student must face all challengers to his honor and his school. He must battle Western boxers in the ring and Thai boxers in the street in order to prove the validity of Chinese Kung fu and to save his friends from dishonor. He even takes the rap for a murder he did not commit to save his friend.

Rome, 1585

Rome, 1585 1961

The leader of a gang of Spanish mercenaries falls for a beautiful princess. Thing get dicey, however, when an imprisoned leader is freed and comes calling. Paget, as usual, is absolutely stunning.

The Man from Earth

The Man from Earth 2007

An impromptu goodbye party for Professor John Oldman becomes a mysterious interrogation after the retiring scholar reveals to his colleagues he never ages and has walked the earth for 14,000 years.

Who Am I?

Who Am I? 2010

Investigator Sergey Shumov has a mystery on his hands. On a platform near a Moscow-Sevastopol train station the police have found a young man without documents and no memory. In near perfect detail, he can recall historical dates, songs of his favorite band, but can't recollect his name or say where he’s from. And frustrating Shumov’s search for answers even further are the young man’s personal belongings that offer not one clue to his identity.

Plato's Academy

Plato's Academy 2009

A Greek shopkeeper discovers something about his family's past when his mother embraces an Albanian worker.

Dragon Ball: The Path to Power

Dragon Ball: The Path to Power 1996

A retelling of Dragon Ball's origin with a different take on the meeting of Goku, Bulma, and Kame-Sen'nin. It also retells the Red Ribbon Army story; but this time they find Goku rather than Goku finding them.

Red Pirate

Red Pirate 1997

Red Pirate and his people caught women for ransom with two girls from royal British family among them. But his ingenious plan gets complicated when his men decide to rape hostages and one of the women manages to escape and informs police about Red Pirate's hideout. HK police joins their forces with Vietnamese commandos, navy and air-force and the battle with pirates begins.

David Bowie: Rockpalast

David Bowie: Rockpalast 1996

Live at Rockpalast Open Air Festival, Loreley, Germany 22nd June 1996. 1. Intro - 00:132. Look Back In Anger - 01:003. Scary Monsters - 05:304. Diamond Dogs - 10:535. The Heart's Filthy Lesson - 15:346. Outside - 20:517. Aladdin Sane - 26:058. Andy Warhol - 30:509. The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty) - 34:3610. The Man Who Sold The World - 40:0211. Telling Lies - 43:4012. Baby Universal - 47:5413. Hallo Spaceboy - 51:1014. Breaking Glass - 56:3215. We Prick You - 1:00:1516. Jump They Say - 1:04:3817. Lust For Life - 1:08:0618. Under Pressure - 1:14:1519. "Heroes" - 1:18:1320. White Light/White Heat - 1:24:1021. Moonage Daydream - 1:28:4022. All The Young Dudes - 1:34:25Musicians:- Reeves Gabrels (guitar)- Mike Garson (keyboards)- Gail Ann Dorsey (bass, vocals)- Zack Alford (drums)- David Bowie (vocals)

Robot Monster

Robot Monster 1953

Ro-Man, an alien robot who greatly resembles a gorilla in a diving helmet, is sent to earth to destroy all human life. Ro-Man falls in love with one of the last six remaining humans, and struggles to understand how his programming can instruct him to kill her while his heart demands that he can't.

Godzilla vs. Mothra

Godzilla vs. Mothra 1992

The Earth is headed for disaster and when an archeological research team visits Infant Island to find out why, they discover two tiny women who reveal that the Earth is fighting back for all the harm humans have done here and sends out the evil Battra to destroy us. The Cosmos, as the girls are called, offer their help by calling Mothra to battle the creature. Unfortunately, Godzilla also appears and a three way battle begins that threatens to destroy Japan.

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