Astro Boy

Astro Boy 2009

Set in the futuristic Metro City, Astro Boy (Atom) is a young robot with incredible powers created by a brilliant scientist in the image of the son he had lost. Unable to fulfill his creator's expectations, Astro embarks on a journey in search of acceptance, experiencing betrayal and a netherworld of robot gladiators, before returning to save Metro City and reconcile with the father who rejected him.

Astro Boy

Astro Boy 2020

Astro is a robot boy created by a scientist as a replacement for the man's dead son. After going on a Pinocchio-style adventure, he ends up with a new owner and a new mission: to fight evil (in human or robot form) using his many superpowers.

Astro Boy

Astro Boy 1980

In 2030 AD, after being abandoned by his creator, a young boy robot is rescued by an Android Advocate, Dr Elefun, who adopts him as his own and guides him in the use of his special powers to aid and protect mankind and robot-kind.

Astro Boy

Astro Boy 1963

In the year 2000, Dr. Boyton creates a super-robot in his deceased son's image. He calls the robot Astro Boy. Astro Boy can swim oceans, leap over mountains, even fly into space on his own power. However, Astro Boy can't replace his son. Dr. Boyton becomes dissatisfied with the boy robot and disowns him. Astro Boy is befriended by Dr. Packadermus J. Elefun of the Institute of Science, who guides him through his adventures. Endowed with super strength, rocket-powered flight, a selfless heart and a kind demeanor, Astro Boy fights a never-ending crusade against the forces of evil!

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