Damaged 2015

Rainer Dulsky, a professor of psychiatry from Switzerland, comes to Melania, the granddaughter of Mrs. Dulska. He feels he’s got something in common with the tenement house in which the Dulski family live... Melania, a film director, intrigued by her family history joins Rainer in his research. Their discoveries will take them back to the past full of secrets that were meant to stay hidden forever. The Dulski family have much on their conscience...



Damaged is the endearing tale of a friendship in the most remarkable of circumstances.


Damaged 1999

A retrospective based on an introspective vision, this stream of still pictures, unfolding to the rhythm of the voice-over (delivered by Steve Reinke), portrays a man who visually exposes his psychological “faults.” Recounting eighteen decisive moments in his life, and dissecting both his genetic and cultural heritage, the work delimits a transitory space in which each image crystallizes one of these indistinct marking points. Bringing together a number of collectively shared experiences, Damaged presents a series of significant events — some pleasant, others less so — evincing the complexity of the stages of life and offering models of childhood, sexuality and adulthood that denounce the transmission and acculturation of stigmatized identities. —Karl-Gilbert Murray, FIFA Catalogue


Nightmare 1981

A drug-treated schizophrenic plagued by horrible nightmares escapes from the hospital and goes on a killing spree.

Damaged Lives

Damaged Lives 1933

An extramarital affair leads to a young couple contracting venereal disease.

Damaged Goods

Damaged Goods 1937

Warning of the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases, specifically syphilis.

Damaged Goods

Damaged Goods

Zippo, aged 15 (Mark Cummings), and his younger sister Nelly (Alex Stead), live a tough lifestyle. Their home is broken, school is optional and their father Les (Tony Howard), is too wasted to notice what they get up to. But a ray of light, in their otherwise dark existence, suddenly appears when they find a beaten up dog that has been dumped by a roadside. The dog, whom they name ‘Carlos’, is quickly adopted by both Zippo and Nelly as they nurse him back to full fitness. Despite him showing menacing tendencies whenever someone threatens, the kids are unaware that ‘Carlos’ has come from the brutal world of dog fighting. Zippo, in particular, finds himself at odds with authority figures, including the local cops, who know him all too well.

Damaged Goods

Damaged Goods 1914

"Damaged Goods" pictures the terrible consequences of vice and the physical ruin that follows the abuse of moral law. It is a stirring plea for a pure life before marriage, in order to make impossible the transmission of hereditary traits to future generations. This film is presumed lost.

Damaged Goods

Damaged Goods 1919

A quack doctor 'cures' a victim of venereal disease, whose baby is later born infected.

Damaged Care

Damaged Care 2002

Anesthesist Doug Peeno hopes to pay for the legal costs of preventing his son Bryan being left in his first wife's bad custody with he proceeds of his present wife Linda's new job. She's the first graduate in her family and eagerly accepted a posting as medical officer in a coldly-greedy medical insurance company. Bening confronted with the medically unacceptable consequences of technically denied treatments, she rebels and finds even payments she approved were often withheld anyway.

Museum of Damaged Art

Museum of Damaged Art

His love of Heaven's virtues could not prevent a hunger for God's enticing creatures.

Damaged Kung Fu

Damaged Kung Fu 2011

Eric 'Iron Fan' Kao and Bronson 'Dragon' Lai are in the midst of shooting a Kung Fu film when Bronson spots Eric with Vivienne, his girlfriend. Thinking Vivienne is cheating on him with his best friend, he quits in the middle of the shoot. Crew and cast left behind try to save the day, but nobody can replace Bronson.


V.D. 1961

A high school track star's wedding plans are capsized by venereal disease and a bad, beautiful new girl in town. His coach and a physician steer him into the light again.

For My Crushed Right Eye

For My Crushed Right Eye 1969

Two chaotic series of images, one for each eye. Hipster living, malformed fetuses, war, arts events and pop culture stands for the material.


Damaged 2018

The story begins with the disappearance of a famous painter. Soon the cops realize that his case is just the tip of the iceberg, there are numerous other young men who have gone missing and have never resurfaced. Investigations start and a suspect emerges - Lovina. This turns into an intriguing cat and mouse game between Lovina and the police, led by Abhay.

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