Dual Mania

Dual Mania 2018

A psychological suspense thriller dealing with the dual persona a young man possesses and attempts to conceal throughout his ongoing sessions with his therapist.

Dual City

Dual City 2015

2034, Japan is divided into North and South parts. In the South, people live a peaceful life, while conflicts are going on in the North. For Yoriko, a nurse in the North, her sole consolation is to visit where she can access her late daughter’s lifetime information. One day, Yoriko is abducted, but she learns that dead individual’s total memories are preserved as in the South,a nd that her daughter is still alive in that form.


Dual 2013

Jacob, a soft-hearted meticulous introvert is the polar opposite of Andre, a sociopath hyper sexual serial killer. Jacob struggles to maintain his girlfriend's interest within their slowly declining relationship as Andre decides to set his own sights on her. Jacob must quickly work up the resolve to fight if he wants to keep Amber from becoming the latest victim of Andre's sadistic habits but only if he can finally come to terms with the terrible link that he and Andre share.


Dual 2013

The paths of two girls cross one evening in Ljubljana. Tina, a Slovene, and Iben, a Danish girl of similar age, both experiencing some kind of turning point in their lives, open up to one another and soon develop a close bond...

The Dual

The Dual 2012

The Captain of the Military troop comes to the barbershop in the village for a shave after annihilating the rebels in a civil war. The Barber, a sympathizer of the rebels, is thrown into a dilemma whether to kill the Captain or do his job as barber.

Dual Alibi

Dual Alibi 1947

A French PR man (Terence de Marney) and his girlfriend (Phyllis Dixey) steal a lottery ticket from twin trapeze artists (Herbert Lom), prompting murder.


Dual-purpose 2018

A factory director gives an interview, and he does not like it very much. Therefore his answers are extremely short. He says mainly "No" or "I do not know." But nevertheless one can understand his attitude to work, war and salvation.

Dual Flying Kicks

Dual Flying Kicks 1978

A corrupt mayor of a town in Szechuan province allies himself with a group of bandits to gain control of the region by cutting off all supply routes to the town. Two police men both expert kickers are deployed to put an end to the mayors evil plot.

Dual: The Lone Drifter

Dual: The Lone Drifter 2009

Dual follows drifter Luke Twain in the late 1800s when he discovers a town where all the inhabitants has been brutally murdered. Making a choice to remain and uncover what took place there, he finds himself in a strange game of cat and mouse with a mysterious man that still has one final mission...

Dual Sport Riding Techniques

Dual Sport Riding Techniques 2007

Riding a dual sport bike offroad requires many skills. We focus on one at a time, before putting them together out on the road less traveled.

Advanced Dual Sport Riding Techniques

Advanced Dual Sport Riding Techniques 2008

In the sequel to Dual Sport Riding Techniques, we pick up where the first DVD left off, and explore advanced techniques and situations that culminate in an exciting high mountain ride.


Duality 2001

Sith apprentice Lord Rive, is tasked by his master, Darth Oz, to battle another apprentice, Darth Blight, as a final test determining who would serve by Oz’s side. The two would-be Sith clash violently with their double-bladed lightsabers while Oz watches via hologram.


Duality 2015

A young woman wakes up and finds a photo of herself sleeping on her phone, she lives alone.

Backwards Boy

Backwards Boy 2004

Cúilín Dualach lives in a small town in the west of Ireland. He is the apple of his mother’s eye, yet his father shows him little affection. Everywhere he goes, people stare at him. Cúilín strives to fit in as best he can but that can be a difficult thing to do when your head is on backwards!

Captain Murphy's Duality

Captain Murphy's Duality

A 34-minute short film featuring songs performed by Captain Murphy as well as archived cult footage (including footage involving Heaven's Gate co-founder Marshall Applewhite), pornography, cartoons and 1980s films

Captain Murphy's Duality

Captain Murphy's Duality 2012

A 34-minute short film featuring songs performed by Captain Murphy as well as archived cult footage (including footage involving Heaven's Gate co-founder Marshall Applewhite), pornography, cartoons and 1980s films.

The Duality of Nature

The Duality of Nature 1986

“The Duality of Nature is an experimental video that deals with the 'duality of nature', in other words natural nature and technical nature. Nature is always a construction, whether in dynamic processes, dis-analog systems or physical, technical signals. 'Nature' formulates the organizational forms of representational strategies - symbolic structures, both in reality and in fiction. Where are the borders, the interfaces, the de-bordering and the analogies for ‘natural’ nature and ‘technical’ nature? These considerations provided the basis for the video.” – VALIE EXPORT

Dear Enemy

Dear Enemy 2011

Hong Kong, the present day. With the lithium market in a dip, UA Capital Investment Banking, led by hotshot managing director Derek Lee (Stanley Huang), brokers a merger offer to Brandon Mining, one of the world's big three lithium producers along with Anchor Exploration and Clayton Global. Investigative journalist Henry Ma (Aarif Lee), who runs financial blog Golden Touch, gets wind of the plan and makes it public. UA';s client is believed to be Anchor, and Brandon';s CEO Owen (Michael Wong) considers it a hostile takeover. His financial advisor is Derek';s onetime lover, Amy Liang (Xu Jinglei), associate managing director of Global Alliance Investment Banking, who finally split up with Derek

Dual Survival

Dual Survival 2010

Dual Survival is an American reality cable television series aired on the Discovery Channel. The show features a pair of survival experts in challenging environments. For the first two seasons the show featured the differing outdoor survival philosophies and skills of Cody Lundin, a naturalist and primitive-skills expert who runs the Aboriginal Living Skills School in Arizona and Dave Canterbury, a military-trained survival instructor who runs the Pathfinder Training School in Ohio. Beginning with the third season, Canterbury was replaced with Joseph "Joe" Teti.

Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure

Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure 1999

Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure is a fourteen episode series created in 1999 by Masaki Kajishima and produced by AIC, both well known for the Tenchi Muyo! franchise. It is licensed in the US by Pioneer LDC, later known as Geneon. In addition to the original run, an OVA special was added to conclude the series as a de facto "14th episode".


Dualizem 2018

Set in a near future when artificial intelligence has evolved to the point of having its own consciousness, Kris is only beginning to lose his fears of these artificial minds when those fears become his new reality.