Hannibal 2001

After having successfully eluded the authorities for years, Hannibal peacefully lives in Italy in disguise as an art scholar. Trouble strikes again when he's discovered leaving a deserving few dead in the process. He returns to America to make contact with now disgraced Agent Clarice Starling, who is suffering the wrath of a malicious FBI rival as well as the media.

Hannibal Rising

Hannibal Rising 2007

The story of the early, murderous roots of the cannibalistic killer, Hannibal Lecter – from his hard-scrabble Lithuanian childhood, where he witnesses the repulsive lengths to which hungry soldiers will go to satiate themselves, through his sojourn in France, where as a med student he hones his appetite for the kill.


Hannibal 1972

Directed by Xavier Koller


Hannibal 1959

A Carthaginian general attempts to cross the Alps with an army of elephants in order to conquer Rome.

Professor Hannibal

Professor Hannibal 1956

A school teacher becomes a momentary hero after having rescued a stuffed-bird from a school incident.

Hannibal Buress: Animal Furnace

Hannibal Buress: Animal Furnace 2012

Hannibal is a Chicago native, currently living in New York City where he regularly performs and lives alone with no pets. Animal Furnace was recorded in December of 2011. Hannibal's credits include writing for 30 Rock, SNL and performing in several basements of bars in NYC and Chicago. His jokes cover topics like personal stories, current events, the streets and even food.

Hannibal Brooks

Hannibal Brooks 1969

A POW in World War II is put to work in a Munich zoo, looking after an Asian elephant. The zoo is bombed by the Americans and the director of the zoo decides it is not safe for his Asian elephant Lucy to remain there. So he sends Brooks to safety with Lucy. They escape and go on the run in order to get to Switzerland.

Hannibal: Rome's Worst Nightmare

Hannibal: Rome's Worst Nightmare 2006

It is 200 years before the birth of Christ and Rome is the new superpower of the ancient world. She believes she is invincible - but one man is destined to change that. He is a man bound by oath to avenge the wrongs inflicted on his home and, in pursuit of revenge, he will stop at nothing. Hannibal explores the man behind the myth, revealing what drove the 26-year-old to mastermind one of the most audacious military moves in history. With 40,000 soldiers and 37 elephants, he marched 1,500 miles to challenge his enemies on their own soil. It was an act so daring that few people believed it possible.

Hannibal Buress: Live From Chicago

Hannibal Buress: Live From Chicago 2014

Hannibal is back with his hour-long stand-up special, "Hannibal Buress Live From Chicago", taped at the Vic Theatre in his hometown of Chicago, IL. Buress’ latest offering features more of the signature dry wit and cool delivery we’ve come to love.

Hannibal and Jerry

Hannibal and Jerry 1997

Hannibal is a nice and polite boy, but Father and Mother think he hangs too much in front of the television. They therefore give him the dog Jerry, whom he is very pleased with. It turns out that Jerry, as the dog is called, is not an ordinary dog, because it can not bark, but on the other hand it can speak. The crafty toy maker Uncle Grandfather and his henchman Uncle Harry would like to grab Jerry, and it involves various conflicts involving a cheeky dog trader, an unlucky glazier and a distinct police cops.

Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield

Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield 2007

Inspired by the true story of one of the most gruesome killers in American history. Now, years after inspiring "Psycho's" Norman Bates, "The Silence Of The Lambs'" Buffalo Bill and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre's" Leatherface, the story of real life serial killer Ed Gein is told once again. Nicknamed "The Butcher Of Plainfield," Gein was responsible for a rash of gory murders that sent shock waves through his rural Wisconsin town, and across America, in the late 1950's. Prepare to enter the evil mind and twisted world of "The Butcher Of Plainfield."

Children of Hannibal

Children of Hannibal 1998

Domenico, a bank robber, and Tommaso, the hostage, escape to the south of Italy meeting a gay policeman.

This Is Hannibal

This Is Hannibal 2012

Devon Nicholson dreamed of becoming a World Wrestling Entertainment wrestler since he was a child. After years of sacrifice Devon finally achieves his dream and earns a WWE contract. Little does he know his whole world is about to change with one visit to the doctor.

Hannibal v Rome

Hannibal v Rome 2005

A documentary about Hannibal Barca - the general and ruler of New Carthage, who crossed the Alps in the fight with Rome. It covers the period from before the Punic Wars to the defeat of Carthage.


Hannibal 2013

Both a gift and a curse, Graham has the extraordinary ability to think like his prey—he sees what they see, feels what they feel. But while Graham is pursuing an especially troubling, cannibalistic murderer, Special Agent Jack Crawford teams him with a highly respected psychiatrist – a man with a taste for the criminal minded – Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

Why? With Hannibal Buress

Why? With Hannibal Buress 2015

Why? With Hannibal Buress” will feature the comic “answering the burning questions on his mind through stand-up, filmed segments, man-on-the-street interviews and special in-studio guests.

On Hannibal's Trail

On Hannibal's Trail 2010

Series in which three Australian brothers - Danny, Ben and Sam Wood - set out cycling on the trail of Hannibal, the warrior who marched from Spain to Rome at the head of an invading army.

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