Kerala Nattilam Pengaludane

Kerala Nattilam Pengaludane 2014

Women from Kerala have a ‘beautiful’ reputation about their looks and the hero’s father in Kerala Naatilam Pengaludanae played by Professor Gnanasambandham seems to be smitten by them with a reason to support his belief.

Kerala Kesari

Kerala Kesari 1951

The king of Maninagaram is cheated, dethroned and banished from the country by Regent Chandra Varma. The royal priest and army officer Prathapan lend support all the treacherous plans of the Regent. When the noble army chief Rajendran voices his protest against the Regent and the priest, he is imprisoned.

Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja

Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja 2009

Set in the backdrop of the seventeenth century, the royal family of Kottayam is ruled by Pazhassi. The British government begins to impose heavy taxes on the locals in the Thalassery region of Kerala.

Kerala Paradiso

Kerala Paradiso 2016

Five movie buffs racing against time, trying to save the only theater in the village from being locked down.

Rhapsody of Colours The Festival of Kerala

Rhapsody of Colours The Festival of Kerala

Nature's bounty is not the only reason why Kerala is 'God's own Country'. It is a land of infinite variety, of infinite charm - like the festival that never end here. These festivals, like the world famous Thrissur Pooram and the Kodungallor Bharani, paint the days with vibrant colours and the nights with haunting beauty. This movie is one of a series of audiovisual trats of Kerala - a work of art to treasure, in order to keep coming back to this land.

Rhapsody of Beats Percussion instruments of Kerala

Rhapsody of Beats Percussion instruments of Kerala

This video film showcases percussion instruments of Kerala with highlights on its manufacturing, style of playing, traditions attached and their role in the socio-cultural and religious life of Kerala

Hidden India: The Kerala Spicelands

Hidden India: The Kerala Spicelands 2012

Documentary, Social & Cultural Documentaries, PBS Documentaries, TV Documentaries - Where in the world have Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Jews lived together in harmony? Try the small Indian state of Kerala, where trade and spices brought them together in tropical lowlands studded with coconut palms and cool mountain ranges.

Naradhan Keralathil

Naradhan Keralathil 1987

Naradhan Keralathil is a Malayalam movie from Kerala which was released in 1987.

Samastha Keralam PO

Samastha Keralam PO 2009

Member Prabakaran is a Gandhian and Panchayat Member in Thonnurkara village who always thinks about the welfare of the people. He is willing to fight against the ruling party as well as with the opposition when he sees injustice being done. Such a selfless politician naturally earns more enemies than friends and his enemies join hands against him.

Taste of Kerala

Taste of Kerala

Taste of Kerala is a popular cookery show which airs on Amrita TV. It is hosted by Raj Kalesh. The show is primarily based upon Cuisine of Kerala. It shows the preparation of ancient traditional regional dishes which have been passed over generations. The host visits mainly villages of Kerala to find age old secret recipes. It is mostly shot at Kerala and occasionally Dubai. The show has been on air since 2005 and has completed over 100 episodes. The show airs every Sunday at 12.30 pm IST. In UAE, it airs at 11 am.