Ex Machina

Ex Machina 2015

Caleb, a 26 year old coder at the world's largest internet company, wins a competition to spend a week at a private mountain retreat belonging to Nathan, the reclusive CEO of the company. But when Caleb arrives at the remote location he finds that he will have to participate in a strange and fascinating experiment in which he must interact with the world's first true artificial intelligence, housed in the body of a beautiful robot girl.

Appleseed: Ex Machina

Appleseed: Ex Machina 2007

As members of ESWAT, the elite forces serving Olympus, Deunan and Briaereos they are deployed everywhere trouble strikes. Olympus finds itself under a stealth attack - cyborg terrorism, deadly nanotech zealots, and rioting citizens are just some of the threats that Deunan must contend with as she fights to save Olympus!

Nimbus Machina

Nimbus Machina 2013

Onboard a gigantic steam machine, a pilot tries to flee the monstrous storm he created.

War Machine

War Machine 2017

A rock star general bent on winning the “impossible” war in Afghanistan takes us inside the complex machinery of modern war. Inspired by the true story of General Stanley McChrystal.

Digitaria Ex Machina

Digitaria Ex Machina 2015

“This is a Saturday, all my friends are dead”. The film meets Digitaria as they tour South America releasing their second album: Emotion-simulation.

Deus et Machina

Deus et Machina 2012

The employee comes to the factory every day. He is the only person who is qualified to do his particular job. It is precise, mundane, and repetitive work. Every morning he goes through the same drill, starting up each machine. Today, though, he has made a decision...

Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina

An Epic Sci-Fi Fantasy about a future where the government has learned how to create a virtual reality heaven and hell for our souls when we die.

Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention 2002

Santa Claus tries to outrun a gang of knife-wielding youth. It's one of several vignettes of Palestinian life in Israel - in a neighborhood in Nazareth and at Al-Ram checkpoint in East Jerusalem. Most of the stories are droll, some absurd, one is mythic and fanciful; few words are spoken. A man who goes through his mail methodically each morning has a heart attack. His son visits him in hospital. The son regularly meets a woman at Al-Ram; they sit in a car, hands caressing. Once, she defies Israeli guards at the checkpoint; later, Ninja-like, she takes on soldiers at a target range. A red balloon floats free overhead. Neighbors toss garbage over walls. Life goes on until it doesn't.

D-I-M, Deus in Machina

D-I-M, Deus in Machina 2007

A world, as spotless, bleak and cold as its uniform design is not a good place for a dreamer like Lutz. With as much courage as desperation, relying only on his skills and imagination, he faces a terrible fate and fights for his personal happy end.

Critical Role: The Legend of Vox Machina Animated Special

Critical Role: The Legend of Vox Machina Animated Special 2020

Our original storyline centered on a group of heroes known as Vox Machina — Pike Trickfoot (gnome cleric, Ashley Johnson), Keyleth (half-elf druid, Marisha Ray), Percival “Percy” Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III (human gunslinger, Taliesin Jaffe), Grog Strongjaw (goliath barbarian, Travis Willingham), Scanlan Shorthalt (gnome bard, Sam Riegel), Vex’ahlia (half-elf ranger, Laura Bailey), and Vax’ildan (half-elf rogue, Liam O’Brien) — as they battled the forces of evil and learned to work as a team. Their epic tale concluded in November, 2017 after 115 episodes and 373 hours of gameplay.


Machinalement 2013

"Listening with his eyes," prolific Canadian filmmaker Jean Detheux has strived to create a piece that focuses on that sensitive and elusive space that can exist between music and images.

The Machinator

The Machinator 2018

A love story of John, a young inventor of tin robots, and Anna, a beautiful girl selling paper cranes in place of Arthur, his father. Arthur opposes the relationship and tries to prevent it.

Machinae Supremacy - Live at Assembly

Machinae Supremacy - Live at Assembly 2011

The first high definition live concert recording of Machinae Supremacy, filmed at the Assembly Summer demoparty in Helsinki Finland on August 4th 2011. It is officially released as a torrent download via thepiratebay.

The Naked Face

The Naked Face 1984

Chicago psychiatrist Judd Stevens (Roger Moore) is suspected of murdering one of his patients when the man turns up stabbed to death in the middle of the city. After repeated attempts to convince cops Rod Steiger and Elliott Gould of his innocence, Dr.Stevens is forced to go after the real villains himself, and he finds himself up against one of the city's most notorious Mafia kingpins.

Elephants Dream

Elephants Dream 2006

Elephants Dream is the story of two strange characters exploring a capricious and seemingly infinite machine. The elder, Proog, acts as a tour-guide and protector, happily showing off the sights and dangers of the machine to his initially curious but increasingly skeptical protege Emo. As their journey unfolds we discover signs that the machine is not all Proog thinks it is, and his guiding takes on a more desperate aspect. Elephants Dream is a story about communication and fiction, made purposefully open-ended as the world’s first 3D animated “Open movie”. The film itself is released under the Creative Commons license, along with the entirety of the production files used to make it (roughly 7 Gigabytes of data). The software used to make the movie is the free/open source animation suite Blender along with other open source software, thus allowing the movie to be remade, remixed and re-purposed with only a computer and the data on the DVD or download.


Masterminds 2016

A night guard at an armored car company in the Southern U.S. organizes one of the biggest bank heists in American history.

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