Maniac 2012

As he helps a young artist with her upcoming exhibition, the owner of a mannequin shop's deadly, suppressed desires come to the surface.


Maniac 1980

A psychotic man, troubled by his childhood abuse, loose in NYC, kills young women and takes their scalps as trophies. Will he find the perfect woman in photographer Anna, and end his killing spree?


Maniac 1934

An ex-vaudeville actor is working as the assistant to a doctor who has Frankenstein aspirations. The ex-vaudeville actor kills the doctor and decides to assume the identity of the dead physician.

Maniac Cop

Maniac Cop 1988

In New York, people are slain and strangled to death brutally on the open street. All witnesses agree that the murderer was in a cop's uniform. Soon the police searches and finds a suspect in its own ranks: Jack Forrest, turned in by his own wife. To prove his innocence, he has to investigate on his own.

Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence

Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence 1993

A female cop is gunned down and wrongly accused of using excessive force in a hostage rescue attempt. Maniac cop returns from the dead once more to seek revenge, destroying everthing and anyone that stands in his way.


Maniac 1963

The rape of his teenage daughter instigated a violent, maniacal retribution on the perpetrator for which Georges was incarcerated in an asylum for the insane. When a stranger enters a quiet, country town and is seduced by a sensuous married woman he unwittingly finds himself at the centre of a storm of sexual guilt and murder for which he has been carefully and surreptitiously groomed to take full responsibility.

The Oily Maniac

The Oily Maniac 1976

A cripple takes revenge on criminals by using a magic spell that transforms him into an oily monster/superhero.

Maniac Nurses

Maniac Nurses 1992

In a remote fortress, a sinister sorority of surgically skilled sisters lie in wait of their next victim. They control a bevy of caged women who have been brain washed and sponge-batherto become the worlds most anatomically awesome surgeons. This is the git-wrenching story of one innocent girl, Sabrina, who finds herself trapped in a living nightmare. Captive to a slavery ring that is training an


Maniac 2011

Short horror mockumentary about a camera crew that follows two serial killers.

Dark Asylum

Dark Asylum 2001

Asylum is a taut psychological thriller about a deranged fearsome killer running lose in an abandoned high security Asylum. Pitting the county psychiatrist Dr. Maggie Belham against the psychotic maniac, Dr Belham is trapped in a maze of corridors, and her only help is the janitor, Quitz who may in fact be a forgotten asylum inmate.

Maniac Magee

Maniac Magee 2003

Maniac Magee is a television film made for the Nickelodeon network, based on the novel of the same name by Jerry Spinelli.[1] The story follows twelve-year-old Jeffrey Lionel "Maniac" Magee, an orphaned runaway with many extraordinary and athletic talents, who arrives in a town divided with racial conflict. The film was broadcast on Nickelodeon on February 23, 2003.[2]

Maniac Farmer

Maniac Farmer

A group of street punks led by the murderous Blasphemous Rex meet their match when they choose to terrorize a seemingly helpless farmer who ends up turning the tides on the group, and the hunters become the hunted.

Homicidal Maniac

Homicidal Maniac 2000

Lots of familiar faces populate this drab thriller about Patrick Tam, who may or not be a psycho killer. This much is true: he’s overly obsessed with Angie Cheung (as many are I'm sure) and spends his time acting wacky. Ultimately, what we discover is that he’s wacky, but still not as wacky as we were led to believe.

The Curse of the Oily Maniac

The Curse of the Oily Maniac 1956

Si Bongkok was born disfigured and a hunchback. As a result, the Kampong Tualang Tiga people often bullied him especially Buyong. One night, Bongkok wanted to present the Penghulu's daughter, whom he has fallen for secretly, a drawing but was chased away when Buyong persuaded the people that Bongkok does not deserve to live among them. Bongkok went away and questioned God on his predicament. Soon after, a group of Bunian people appeared and brought him to their kingdom and grant him a wish. The wish will be broken if he kills another person. He dipped himself into the magic pool and came out as a handsome man. He returned to Kampung Tualang Tiga to take his love but was confronted by Buyong and as a result his love was killed. They fought and Bongkok had no choice but to kill. As a result, Bongkok turned invisible for breaking his promise. Satan offered to help and grant him worldly desires if he raped 21 girls within seven days and worship Satan as a God. What did Bongkok do?

The Last Horror Film

The Last Horror Film 1982

A New York taxi driver stalks a beautiful actress attending the Cannes Film Festival, which coincides with a series of violent killings of the lady's friends.


Maniac 2018

Two strangers are drawn to a mysterious pharmaceutical trial that will, they're assured, with no complications or side-effects whatsoever, solve all of their problems, permanently. Things do not go as planned.


Maniac 2015

The story of Espen, a man in his thirties who is loved by everyone. Every day is a party and there's no limit to what he experiences. We meet Espen in various situations where everything is amazing and whatever happens, Espen knows how to handle it. It is simply too good to be true. Espen has escaped into his own head and where his life is a fantastic fantasy world. In real life he is a patient at the psychiatric ward. What would you choose if you were in Espens situation - to be a fantasy hero or an everyday loser?

Ultra Maniac

Ultra Maniac 2003

Ultra Maniac is a manga series written by Wataru Yoshizumi. The romantic comedy series features 7th grader Ayu Tateishi, a tennis club member, and her transfer student friend, Nina Sakura, who is actually a trainee witch from the magical kingdom. It premiered in Shueisha's Ribon manga magazine in February 2001 and ran until January 2004. It was also published in five collected volumes by Shueisha. Viz Media licensed and released an English translation of the series in North America. The series was first adapted into a 20-minute anime OVA, released August 6, 2002. Later, it was also adapted into a 26-episode anime television series. Both were produced by Ashi Productions and Animax. The anime series premiered on May 20, 2003 in Japan on Animax, and was later licensed for Region 1 distribution by Geneon Entertainment.

Maniac Mansion

Maniac Mansion 1990

Maniac Mansion was a Canadian sitcom created by Eugene Levy, which aired concurrently on YTV in Canada and The Family Channel in the United States for three seasons from September 17, 1990 to April 4, 1993. The series is very loosely based on the popular 1987 LucasArts video game of the same name. While LucasFilm served as co-producers on the series, the show thematically shares little in common with its source material.

Nákupné maniačky

Nákupné maniačky 2013

Nákupné maniačky is Slovak competition TV show fomerly broadcast by TV WAU, since 2014 by TV JOJ.

Ad Madness

Ad Madness 1999

《광끼》는 1999년에 KBS 2TV에서 방송된 드라마이다. 대학의 광고 써클에 모인 젊은이들의 우정, 좌절, 연애를 그린 청춘 드라마이다.

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