The Boys of Paul Street

The Boys of Paul Street 1968

In Budapest, two rival gangs of young boys lay claim to a vacant lot. The hostilities escalate yet never quite boil over into actual violence. Just when things do get out of hand, however, the problem is "solved" by the city government, which takes over the lot for future development.

Adrienn Pál

Adrienn Pál 2011

Piroska is an overweight, alienated nurse who can’t resist cream-filled pastries. She works in the terminal ward of a hospital; her life is surrounded by death. One day she sets off to find her long-lost childhood friend. While tracing her recollections, she embarks on a paradox-filled voyage within her own memory and the memory of those she encounters.


Pal 1971

Two sworn enemies, one black and the other white, are forced to confront their prejudices when they are forced together by circumstance.

Part Time Pal

Part Time Pal 1947

Tom is given the task of guarding the fridge during the night by Mammy-Two-Shoes, but as soon as he has started he is tricked by Jerry into falling into the basement, where he lands in a barrel of cider. Now drunk, Tom staggers around in the house getting up to no good with Jerry, clearing out the fridge, making a mess, waking Mammy-Two-Shoes. You can tell this will only end in severe punishment, but Tom simply casts caution to the wind and gets even more drunk by downing a bottle of rum he finds in the bathroom. Obviously, everyone has a bottle of rum in their bathroom.

Mickey's Pal Pluto

Mickey's Pal Pluto 1933

Pluto rescues a bag of kittens from the river. He feels rejected, then, as Mickey ignores him and blames him for damage the kittens do. His angel and devil sides argue with him. Pluto gets thrown outside. The kittens also find their way outside, and fall into the well, where Pluto's angel side wins out as he rescues them once again and is finally recognized as a hero.

Henry Rollins: Keep Talking, Pal.

Henry Rollins: Keep Talking, Pal. 2018

Henry Rollins waxes at a high rate of speed about the brilliance of RuPaul, meeting David Bowie, his weirdest shows, why women should rule and more in a live performance from Portland, Oregon.

My Pal

My Pal 1995

Happy-go-lucky group of teenage friends Francis, Chipper, Mackie, Abe, Lester, and Carol are known as party animals Nadine, who belongs to a troublesome family, always wants to find peace that she cannot find in her own home, hates their group of friends believing that they are too immature. Yet, Nadine finds herself falling in love with Mackie who shows her that he is not as bad as she thinks. As the two become a couple, Mackie realizes that Nadine bears too much anguish in her heart. Mackie finds himself struggling to cope with Nadine’s uptightness and her constant nagging. As their fights become too frequent, Chipper enters the picture and get Nadine’s back when Mackie withdraws. As Nadine and Chipper develop a deeper friendship, Mackie feels betrayed and confronts Chipper. As the two friends argue over a woman, their whole group will be torn on who to side with. Will their friendship find a way to surpass this challenge?

Me and My Pal

Me and My Pal 1933

On the morning of his wedding to oil baron Peter Cucumber's daughter, Ollie receives a jigsaw puzzle from Stan as a wedding gift. The boys soon become absorbed in the puzzle. A taxi driver, butler, policeman and messenger boy join in as well.

Pal Christmas

Pal Christmas 1978

Mads is not going to a Christmas tree party this year because his father’s company is way too small for that. Therefore, Mads decides to arrange his own party. He invites some of his friends and his teacher’s grandson. Arranging a party is of course not easy for a young boy; it involves theft, intrigue, deception… Can Mads overcome the difficulties, or will there be no Christmas tree party?

No, Pal

No, Pal

One day in the life of 29 year old Levan, who is preparing to go travelling around the world.

Pen Pal

Pen Pal 2006

A young man finds a sexy tilting pen with a living girl inside. They fall in love, but is their love strong enough to conquer the temptations of the outside world?

Cheyenne's Pal

Cheyenne's Pal 1917

During World War I, westerner Cheyenne Harry is a horse seller, but he refuses to part with his favorite horse and friend, Cactus. One night, broke and drunk, he sells Cactus to an Englishman for $350 which he soon loses gambling. When Harry discovers that Cactus is being sent to the war in France and probable death, he gets a horse- tending job on the ship. When they get the opportunity Harry jumps off the ship with Cactus and they swim to shore. Harry is eventually caught but is allowed to work off his debt and keep Cactus.

Little Pal

Little Pal 1915

"Little Pal" is the daughter of a saloon keeper in a rough Alaskan gold rush town. During a game of dice, he loses his daughter to the brutal "Black Brand". A fight ensues and her father is killed, Little Pal flees and seeks refuge with John, an Easterner who has come to Alaska to mine. When he falls ill, the lovestruck Little Pal nurses him back to health with the help of her loyal friend, Cultus. Little Pal is heartbroken with the arrival of John's wife, and when she learns he will die if he remains in the harsh climate, Little Pal and Cultus steal gold dust from a rival claim in order to provide John with money. Meanwhile, Black Brand who is suspected of the crime is shot. As John and his wife leave Alaska, a despondent Little Pal finds comfort in Cultus' love.


Pal/Secam 2008

At the dawn of Perestroika, little Boris, ravaged by hormones, seduces the neighborhood with his mother's VCR.

Ferocious Pal

Ferocious Pal 1934

A stray German shepherd, a runaway teenage boy, and a runaway teenage girl end up at her uncle's place in Oregon, where an epidemic of sheep rustling is under way.

Yong Pal

Yong Pal 2015

Kim Tae Hyun is a promising young surgeon, but his finances take a dive when his sister's health condition requires costly dialysis treatments. When Tae Hyun subsequently falls into a vicious cycle of debt, he assumes the alias of "Yong Pal" and begins making house calls for criminals who are willing to pay top dollar. Complicating things further, Tae Hyun gets involved with Han Yeo Jin, a comatose patient at the hospital.

Pal Chhin

Pal Chhin

Pal Chinn was a drama series which ran on Star Plus from 1999. It was directed by Neena Gupta, and the veteran actor Manohar Singh was the main part of the show.

Kucchh Pal Saath Tumhara

Kucchh Pal Saath Tumhara

Kucchh Pal Saath Tumhara is an Indian television series that aired on Sahara One channel in 2003 until 2004 on every Friday at 10:30pm IST. The series is produced by the popular Bollywood golden era actress, Asha Parekh. The series premiered on June 27, 2003, with the story of Nandini - a traditional Indian woman who stays is torn between tradition and forbidden love.

Aane Wala Pal

Aane Wala Pal

Aane Wala Pal is a Hindi language Indian soap opera that aired on DD Metro channel of Doordarshan network. It was one of the most successful show on DD Metro and, due to its success, the series is currently re-running on TV Asia channel in USA.

Anda Pa'l Cará

Anda Pa'l Cará

Anda Pa'l Cará is a Spanish-language television program, a late-night talk and variety show from Puerto Rico. It started in 2000 on WLII-TV Tele Once as a late night show with comedian Silverio Pérez as host, but has evolved into a more youth-oriented format with a focus on celebrity news and interviews. The show usually features interviews to artists and other personalities, music performances, celebrity news, curious facts, and comedy sketches, among other things. Aside of its regular hosts, the show features a team of collaborators that offer their opinions on a wide range of topics from sexuality, movies, and Internet. Despite its hosting changes, the show has remained one of the most successful in the island, edging its direct rival, No te Duermas, of Telemundo.

Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II 2005

The life of the remarkable man who passed away after an extraordinary 26 year reign, and whose papal odyssey encompassed more than 120 countries and earned him the reputation of an international fighter for freedom.

Wild Palms

Wild Palms 1993

Wild Palms is a five-hour mini-series which was produced by Greengrass Productions and first aired in May 1993 on the ABC network in the United States. The sci-fi drama, announced as an "event series", deals with the dangers of politically motivated abuse of mass media technology, virtual realities in particular. It was based on a comic strip written by Bruce Wagner and illustrated by Julian Allen first published in 1990 in Details magazine. Wagner, who also wrote the screenplay, served as executive producer together with Oliver Stone. The series stars James Belushi, Dana Delany, Robert Loggia, Kim Cattrall and Angie Dickinson. The episodes were directed by Kathryn Bigelow, Keith Gordon, Peter Hewitt and Phil Joanou.

Puppy Dog Pals

Puppy Dog Pals 2017

Fun-loving pug puppies, brothers Bingo and Rolly, have thrill-seeking appetites that take them on exhilarating adventures in their neighborhood and around the globe.


Paleoworld 1994

Paleoworld was a documentary television series that was produced for The Learning Channel, and has had a total of 50 episodes. Some consider it to be the largest and most comprehensive paleontology series ever made. The series began in late September 1994 and, after 4 seasons, ended in 1997. Each episode is approximately 24 minutes long.The series is now owned by the Discovery Channel, along with other documentaries such as Beyond T-rex, Valley Of The T-rex, Dinosaur Planet and When Dinosaurs Roamed America.Paleoworld currently airs on Science.

Palmerstown, U.S.A.

Palmerstown, U.S.A. 1980

Palmerstown, U.S.A. is a drama series. It centers on the lives of two 9-year-old best friends, one black and one white, growing up in a small Southern town during the 1930s.

Crash Palace

Crash Palace 2001

The trials and tribulations of a group of young backpackers living in the same Sydney hostel.

Pacific Palisades

Pacific Palisades 1997

Pacific Palisades is an American soap opera that aired on Fox during prime time from April to July 1997. Produced by Aaron Spelling, the show was cancelled after just thirteen episodes despite a last-minute attempt to increase ratings by casting Joan Collins.

The Palace

The Palace 2008

The Palace was a British drama television series that aired on ITV in 2008. Produced by Company Pictures for the ITV network, it was created by Tom Grieves and follows a fictional British Royal Family in the aftermath of the death of King James III and the succession of his 24-year-old son, Richard IV, played by Rupert Evans. It also stars Jane Asher and Zoe Telford. The series was filmed on location in Lithuania in 2007 and broadcast from January to March 2008. It was axed after one series due to low viewing figures.

Amor a Palos

Amor a Palos 2005

Amor a Palos is a Venezuelan telenovela made by Radio Caracas Television in 2005 and distributed internationally by RCTV International. Its protagonists, Norkys Batista and Lucian D'Alessandro, won the Dos de Oro award for Best actress/actor in a telenovela. It was written by Martin Hahn and executive produced by Jhony Pulido Mora.

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