Poseidon 2006

A packed cruise ship traveling the Atlantic is hit and overturned by a massive wave, compelling the passengers to begin a dramatic fight for their lives.

The Poseidon Adventure

The Poseidon Adventure 1972

The Poseidon Adventure was one of the first Catastrophe films and began the Disaster Film genre. Director Neame tells the story of a group of people that must fight for their lives aboard a sinking ship. Based on the novel by Paul Gallico.

Beyond the Poseidon Adventure

Beyond the Poseidon Adventure 1979

After "The Poseidon Adventure", in which the ship got flipped over by a tidal wave, the ship drifts bottom-up in the sea. While the passengers are still on board waiting to be rescued, two rivaling salvage parties enter the ship on search for money, gold and a small amount of plutonium.

Poseidon Rex

Poseidon Rex 2014

Jackson Slate, famous treasure hunter, is out to find the legendary Lost Gold Of Cortez in the open waters off a secluded island in the Caribbean Sea. Using dynamite to blast his way through centuries of silt, new chasms are created reaching miles below the ancient ocean floor. From here, an ancient evil is released, that quickly, savagely, and without warning, destroys Jackson s boat and kills his crew. The sole survivor of the carnage, Jackson teams up with marine biologist, Sarah, to venture back to the site and investigate the horrific events. They extract an egg from the darkest depths of the ocean and take it back to the lab to investigate. But when it hatches, they realise they have awaken a deadly prehistoric monster, the P-Rex, which will stop at nothing until the entire island is destroyed...

The Poseidon Adventure

The Poseidon Adventure 2005

A cruise ship succumbs to a terrorist act and capsizes on New Year's eve. A rag-tag group of survivors, spearheaded by a priest and a homeland security agent, must journey through the upside down vessel and attempt an escape.

Playing Poseidon

Playing Poseidon 1996

Childhood memories of Shelley Winters and the morning after.

Poseidon Code

Poseidon Code 2014

Scientists and the Chinese Maritime Police race to save sea turtles endangered by criminal gangs and ecological disaster.

The Greek Myths: Athena, Poseidon and Zeus

The Greek Myths: Athena, Poseidon and Zeus 2014

The odd manner in which Athena and Poseidon were worshipped and depicted in classical Greece is only explicable by their strange origins in the Bronze Age. In this lecture Dr. William J. Neidinger examines the origins and evolution of Athena and Poseidon, and explores the manner in which Zeus became the supreme god of the Greeks.

The Poseidon Rushes to Help

The Poseidon Rushes to Help 1977

О юных выпускниках мореходного училища и их первом выходе в море. О трудном жизненном экзамене на профессиональную и человеческую прочность, который пришлось выдержать как команде траулера «Кайра», потерпевшего бедствие во время шторма, так и коллективу спасателя «Посейдон» под командованием капитана Чигринова, где проходил свою службу герой фильма Славка Чигринов, сумевший во время опасности проявить находчивость, мужество, отвагу.

Tides of War

Tides of War 2005

In the cold, dark waters off North Korea a U.S. Navy fast attack submarine meets with a mysterious disaster - it's attacked and nearly sunk by an ominous stealth submarine resulting in the deaths of the Executive Officer and the Engineering Officer.


Poseidon 2011

This action packed thriller follows a covert Marines unit that once trailed Choi Hee Gon, maritime kingpin of a notorious crime syndicate. Team leader Kwon Jung Ryool was forced to abort his mission after Hee Gon slayed his wife and all the loved ones of the team’s original members. Stranded, Kim Sun Woo, Jung Ryool’s trusted young agent, has remained undercover. Years later, with Poseidon’s reputation and credibility wrecked, Jung Ryool summons Sun Woo from the underworld and together, they set out to take down Hee Gon once and for all. More than a pretty face, Lee Soo Yoon joins the new team as a corporal who is not to be tampered with.

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