He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special

He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special 1985

In this special Christmas episode of the He-Man and She-Ra cartoons, their sidekick Orko accidentally gets beamed to Earth during a test of a new spy satellite. Orko manages to get back Planet Eternia, but brings along two Earth children, Alisha and Manuel, with him. Since it's Christmastime on Earth, the kids are naturally filled with the holiday spirit, but this overflowing goodwill attracts the unwelcome attention of the Horde Prime and Skeletor. Will the combined power of He-Man, She-Ra and the spirit of Christmas be enough to stop them?

Doctor Rao

Doctor Rao 2011

Dr. Rao died on 29Th of September 2010.The funeral ceremony in Sichuan, Southwest China, lasted two days and two nights and was recorded in a rather unconventional way: 5.957 single photo shots, combined to a 7 minutes short film. It shows the funeral of an ordinary Chinese man, surrounded by his family. One witnesses the enshrined body, the cremation of the deceased and the immediate handing over afterwords of his remains to the family members. The film provides a very intimate perspective on contemporary Chinese culture, where Taoist burial rites are blended with modern secular customs. The process brings to mind a theater performance with stage, acting and scenery, embodying the transition from the living to the death.


Sheena 1984

Sheena's white parents are killed while on Safari. She is raised by the mystical witch woman of an African tribe. When her foster mother is framed for the murder of a political leader, Sheena and a newsman, Vic Casey are forced to flee while pursued by the mercenaries hired by the real killer, who hopes to assume power. Sheena's ability to talk to the animals and knowledge of jungle lore give them a chance against the high tech weapons of the mercenaries.

Radioactive Fallout and Shelter

Radioactive Fallout and Shelter

Teaches the individual how to take care of his medical and health needs in time of disaster when medical assistance might not be readily available. Presents instructions on radioactive fallout and shelter. Discusses the effects of radiation on people and emphasizes protective procedures against radiation.

Sheyal Debota Rahasya

Sheyal Debota Rahasya 1996

Sheyal Debota Rahasya is a Mystery, Thriller TV Film of Feluda Series. This film is about The Anubis Mystery. Feluda must solve the Mystery case.

Racing at Sheepshead Bay

Racing at Sheepshead Bay 1897

The finish and weighing out of a running race with nine starters. Won by the famous Clifford, Sloane up.

The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd 2006

Edward Wilson, the only witness to his father's suicide and member of the Skull and Bones Society while a student at Yale, is a morally upright young man who values honor and discretion, qualities that help him to be recruited for a career in the newly founded OSS. His dedication to his work does not come without a price though, leading him to sacrifice his ideals and eventually his family.

Shep's Race with Death

Shep's Race with Death 1914

The simple story of a heroic dog that saves the day appealed to audiences (especially with a well-trained animal as attractive and energetic as Shep), and became a movie staple for generations.

She's Ramona

She's Ramona 2015

Ramona is fat woman with too much weight and barely any luck. She recalls a childhood filled with moral abuse by her mother, sister and friends, calling her silly offensive names referencing her overweight. When she became an adult, things didn’t really get any better. She’s fired for being fat, she wants a liposuction but the doctor informs her she’s not a candidate due to her overweight, and all her universe seems to be collapsing after a series of unfortunate events. But everything will soon get better thanks to some magical beetles she finds in a Tarot café.


Sweetwater 2013

In the late 1800s, a fanatical religious leader, a renegade Sheriff, and a former prostitute collide in a blood triangle on the rugged plains of the New Mexico Territory.

Border Shootout

Border Shootout 1989

Young rancher Kirby Frye is appointed deputy in a small town tyrannized by ruthless Phil Sundeen, the son of one of the founders of the town.

Smokey and the Bandit Part 3

Smokey and the Bandit Part 3 1983

The Enos duo convince Cletus, aka The Bandit, to come out of hiding and help them promote their new restaurant. With a little coaxing, he agrees, producing an almost-creaky Trigger as his mode of transport. But his nemesis, Sheriff Buford T. Justice, is on the hunt, forcing Cletus and Trigger to hit the road. Can they steer clear of the vengeful sheriff?

She Stole My Voice: A Documentary About Lesbian Rape

She Stole My Voice: A Documentary About Lesbian Rape 2007

In one of the most important and controversial documentaries of the last five years, filmmakers Justine Chang and Armand Kaye examine a crime that has been ignored, discounted, and even declared impossible. The result of years of research and production, She Stole My Voice: A Documentary About Lesbian Rape is a jarring, terrifying, and eye-opening look at this lesbian rape and sexual violence between women. The film masterfully interweaves community responses, expert analyses, and graphic reenactments to create an absolutely unforgettable experience. Viewers will see the reality and prevalence of this crime, and learn how the community as a whole, law enforcement, and even the lesbian community itself have repeatedly discounted this crime. And in the unforgettable and terrifyingly graphic reenactments of lesbian rape, viewers will begin to truly understand the chilling and horrific experience of actual lesbian rape.

Tonight She Comes

Tonight She Comes 2016

After a girl goes missing, two of her friends and a mysterious set of strangers find themselves drawn to the cabin in the woods where she disappeared. They will laugh, they will drink, they will kiss, they will make love, and THEY MUST ALL DIE.

Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog

Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog 1953

Ralph E. Wolf and Sam Sheepdog are characters in a series of animated cartoons in the Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies series of cartoons. The characters were created by Chuck Jones, but here directed by Isadore Freleng. This short was written by Melvin Millar and features music by Carl W. Stalling. Ralph Wolf has virtually the same character design as another Chuck Jones character, Wile E. Coyote—brown fur, wiry body, and huge ears, but with a red nose in place of the Coyote's black one; white eyes instead of Wile E.'s yellow; and, occasionally, a fang protruding from his mouth. He also shares the Coyote's appetite, and persistent use of Acme Corporation products, but he covets sheep instead of road runners and, when he speaks, doesn't have the upper-class accent or the egotistical bearing of the Coyote. Another crucial difference is that of personality: Ralph does not have the fanatical drive of the Coyote in pursuing his prey, preferring to abandon his chase at the end of the working day. Sam Sheepdog, by contrast, is a large, burly Berger de Brie with white or tan fur and mop of red hair that usually covers his eyes. He very rarely runs and tends to be sedentary in his movements. He does, however, possess sufficient strength to incapacitate Ralph with a single punch once he catches him.

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