The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense 1999

A psychological thriller about an eight year old boy named Cole Sear who believes he can see into the world of the dead. A child psychologist named Malcolm Crowe comes to Cole to help him deal with his problem, learning that he really can see ghosts of dead people.

The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense 1994

When I filmed a mad dog at an industrial terrain I was surprised to see the dog run off as soon as I pointed the camera towards it. I wasn’t sure if the dog became scared because it was surprised that this big eye that was pointed at it did not express any fear, or that it was the dog’s own image, reflected in the camera lens, that scared it. However it may be; the dog got scared and ran away. This made me realize that maybe it also works like that internally. If you face your fears in a calm and quiet state of mind, you may drive them off or even serve as a mirror to them.

The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense 1929

Carmen is happy. She is in love with Carlos, a young man filled with optimism, the exact opposite of his taciturn and tormented friend Leon. On Carlos’ advice, Leon pays a visit to Professor Kamus, whose invention reveals the truth about beings and things. This invention is none other than the cinema, which he presents as a sixth sense. From then on, an unfortunate misunderstanding puts Carlos and Carmen’s love in danger.

Abnormal Experience: The Sixth Sense

Abnormal Experience: The Sixth Sense 2001

Yuki is a sought-after hooker, who also has a special ability: she can see ghosts! Yuki is very distraught by the ghost images, and it starts affecting her performance at work. One of the ghosts makes an attempt to communicate with her and ask her for help. Yuki tries to find out what he's attempting to say and assist him, with the hopes that this will allow her to stop being troubled by what she sees.

The Sixth Sense 2

The Sixth Sense 2 2013

This is a story about a group of spirit mediums that help relay messages from the other side to help others.