Tantra 2018

‘Tantra’ tells the tale of a family who has fallen prey to the clutches of incantation. The Khanna’s are an affluent family who move into their dream home but become unfortunate victims of the gruesome practice of Tantra. The antagonist is the House itself whose eerie effects makes the place unliveable and a nightmare for its inhabitants.

Heavy Rescue: 401

Heavy Rescue: 401 2017

A group of heavy recovery drivers work to keep traffic rolling on some of the busiest and most unforgiving roads on the planet, Ontario’s 400-series highways. When disaster strikes on these roads, the pressure is on to get them cleared and reopened.


Endro! 2019

Naral Island, a continent with swords and magic in which humans and monsters coexist. The terrible Demon King lives there. In ancient times, the first-generation hero defeated the Demon King. Over the many successive generations since then, the Demon King has been resurrected, and the hero who opposes him has likewise reappeared. Girls attend a school for adventurers in order to defeat the Demon King when he appears again. Though a bit absent-minded, Yusha has the body of a hero. The holy elf Seyla's trouble never ends because she is too serious. The cheerful warrior Fai loves to eat. Mei is a quiet otaku magician. As the four girls aim to be in the hero party, they live relaxed fantasy lives and show no sign of defeating the Demon King no matter how much time passes.

The Real Marigold on Tour

The Real Marigold on Tour 2016

Having road-tested retirement in India, Miriam Margoyles, Wayne Sleep, Bobby George and Rosemary Shrager are reunited to discover what it is like to grow old in other countries around the world.

The Final Call

The Final Call 2019

It centres around the passengers of a flight from Mumbai to Sydney whose lives are endangered after the captain decides to commit suicide on board.

Paanch Phoron

Paanch Phoron 2019

Paanch Phoron- where five directors come together to narrate five different romantic tales, with one common ingredient - "Love".

Love in Sadness

Love in Sadness 2019

The essence of love is fading and is evermore harder to do. In this day and age, will there be love that is woeful and forlorn just for the sake of love itself? Love in Sadness is a love story that encapsulates the mythical-like fate of love that is so coveted that it ignores all bounds. In it, love outweighs what the world thinks, ignores the pain and anguish with it, and pursues its destiny. In the drama, Ma Ri is a beautiful girl, married into wealth with a seemingly perfect life. Ironically, her husband, In Wook, who looks like a more than ideal husband, is an obsessive lunatic who is also violently abusive. When he pushes her too far, she reaches out for help from Jung Won, an honest, smart, handsome plastic surgeon. And when he agrees to help her escape from her husband's hands, they fall in love. But In Wook, who is consumed by his obsession for her, isn't going to let her get away from his grasp. Watch as these two characters struggle to stay on their arduous road to love.

Bou Keno Psycho

Bou Keno Psycho 2019

A skeleton discovered in a tank reveals the existence of five psycho housewives. What's making these women cause terror in the lives of their husbands?


Lovleg 2018

A web series that follows students in secondary school in Sandane.

Random Acts

Random Acts 2016

Whimsical and heartwarming, BYUtv's original hidden-camera show highlights the good in humanity through surprise service projects and pranks with a purpose.



Danish version of the cooking competition in which celebrity chefs put a group of contestants through a series of challenges and elimination rounds, in order to turn one home cook into a culinary master.

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